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Thank-you Sponsors!

Summus Security
Ted & Sharla Dzogan
The Co-operators
Drew & Ashley Collins
Rob Shearer
Kelleher Ford
Rapid City and Area Lions
Kevin Vint
R. Chown Electric
Andrew Minigh
Ian Chester
Gary & Janice Filmon
Dan Perron
Christopher Schneider
Rollande Pritchard
Clay & Loree Vint
Jan Jennings
YWCA Westman
Dr. Sherry
Joyce & Dave Van Tamelen
Roger Shears & Serena Petrella
Garnet & Sheila Shearer
Chris Bromley
Jeanine Pelletier
Susan Kentner
Chris Donald
Dianne Perchaluk
Shaun Cameron
Leslie Dzogan
Gwen Connon
Carl & Nikki Bouchard
Linda Mawson
Eldar Seydamet


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A group of dedicated volunteers has been working around the clock to help produce face shields. Watch the above video or captioned video to see the whole story and find out how you can help.

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Creating Space for Community Innovation!

The Creation Nation maker space is made up of over 6000 sq. feet of shared community workspace from woodworking to bike maintenance, sewing and 3D printing shops. It is located in the heart of downtown Brandon (440 Rosser Avenue). The goal of Creation Nation is to bring together the community of craftspeople, artists, innovators, and makers who have the passion to build and create with materials such as wood, metal, plastics, textile, or electronics.

Creation Nation is primarily membership-based with publicly accessible workshops and classes that run throughout the month. Memberships are $50/month (+tax). Student memberships are currently being discounted to $25/month (+tax). Basic training on the equipment is free for members - sponsored by Assiniboine Community College.

To date, we have received equipment/cash contributions from: Assiniboine Community College, City of Brandon, Cooperators Insurance, Summus, Healthy Brandon, Aurora Project, Province of Manitoba and Mood Disorders of Manitoba. Community support has also been seen from numerous other community agencies, individuals and stakeholders from city council members to the library. We currently have large woodshop tools (table saw, band saw, drill press, planer etc.), 3D printers, vinyl printers, heat press, sewing machines, bike repair stations, small cnc router machine, sublimation printer various computers, electronic equipment and a large laser cutter.

We are looking for sponsorships to help further develop the space and equipment. We are in need of cash sponsorships for electrical upgrades, countertops, storage, lumber, small building tools/supplies, various equipment and even specific expertise.

Please contact with any questions or to purchase a face shield. You can also reach us at 204-729-2490 ext.104 to purchase.

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