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Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation envisions a vibrant, healthy, sustainable community neighbourhood of empowered stakeholders, successful community projects and partnering organizations.

National Housing Awards

These annual awards are given on National Housing Day, in partnership with CMHC and Manitoba Housing, Community Development to organizations and individuals who have made contributions to affordable housing in Brandon.


2014 Affordable Housing Awards

Youth for Christ "Small But Powerful" Building

This project is an infill-style building with eight units each with an outside entrance (often called pocket housing). At approximately 300 square feet per unit, each apartment is well equipped with all of the necessities to live independently. The building houses homeless and at risk you and adults enrolled in Youth for Chris's transitional programs to help them move from homelessness to independent living. It is designed around efficient use of space, long-term cost savings, and to allow outdoor spaces for creating community.

The Uturn formula provides transitional support for homeless youth and young adults. Six to ten young adults leave the program successfully independent each year. The impact for each of those people lasts a lifetime and the benefits are immeasurable to him or her.

Youth for Christ


Habitat for Humanity and ACC Trades Students Building

Assiniboine Community College trades students and Habitat for Humanity Manitoba Brandon Chapter have partnered to build a ready-to-move Habitat home in Brandon. Habitat for Humanity builds affordable homes for low-income working families by offering families a "hand up" through no down payment and interest-free mortgages. Habitat homes are sold at market value, with monthly payments set at 25% of the family's income, rather than the value of the property. The new homeowners are able to build equity and with the affordable monthly payment structure, families can purchase the necessities of life and save for their children's futures.

Students in ACC's pre-employment construction trades programs are building the home from the floor boards up as part of their curriculum of the 2014-2015 academic year. Carpentry and Woodworking, Plumbing, and Construction Electrician students will each have a hand in the process.

The collaboration between ACC and Habitat for Humanity - Brandon Chapter is one that provides many benefits for the students, the Habitat partner family and that larger community.

  • Students will build a safe, decent and affordable home for purchase by a low-income working family, making a huge impact on their lives.
  • ACC instructors are guiding the students through a true "Learn by Doing" experience, giving them real experience in their fields so they graduate career-ready.
  • The project engages many stakeholders in Brandon, bringing them together to make a meaningful contribution to the community.

The build began in September 2014, and is schedule for completion in the summer of 2015.

Habitat for Humanity Brandon

Assiniboine Community College

habitat ACC

Builder Housing Award - Matt McCarty - McCarty Construction

Matt began his career in 1972 by apprenticing with a friend's dad who was a German cabinet maker. He received his carpentry ticket in 1976 and started his business in 1982. Matt enjoys being able to work with his hands and his early career was spent building houses all around Brandon.

Matt is well known in the industry and enjoys the satisfaction of getting both small and large jobs. McCarty Construction has made contributions to high profile projects including Massey Manor, Rotary Villa, the Kelsey Generating station in Thompson, and has built additions on both the school and hospital in Virden, Manitoba. 

These days, he sticks to renovations. For the past 10 years his son has worked by his side, with the idea that one day he'll take over the business. Matt estimates that he has completed more than 30 Homeowner Renovation Assistance Program (HRAP) projects over the years. The improvements from HRAP projects increase the safety, functioning and efficiency of homes, and contribute to the stability and security of neighbourhoods in Brandon.