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Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation envisions a vibrant, healthy, sustainable community neighbourhood of empowered stakeholders, successful community projects and partnering organizations.

Bug n' Scrub Program

We have all heard the children's rhyme, "Goodnight, sleep tight and don't let the bed bugs bite". This used to be just a rhyme, but unfortunately, today, this is too often a reality.

Bug n' Scrub was implemented to help stop the increase in bed bug infestations. Since this program's inception in Brandon in April 2012, many people have required and appreciated our services. Bed bugs can affect anyone. It can, and will have a ripple effect if proper preparation and precautions after treatment are not followed. People may not know where to look for bed bugs, or how to ask for help to treat their bed bug infestation. People are at times too embarrassed or ashamed to even let people know they have bed bugs.

"Upon meeting the Bug n' Scrub crew, I found them to be most courteous and empathetic to the situation, very knowledgeable, and extremely professional." (Client's name withheld to respect privacy)

Encountering a bed bug problem can be an overwhelming, embarrassing and stressful issue in a person's life. Some individuals find it hard to welcome people into their homes, because doing so means they have access to their dwelling and personal belongings.

Confidentiality is mandatory. When our staff enter a client's home, we reassure them that nothing will be shared to anyone outside of their home, and we are there to help with the issue at hand. Our Bug n' Scrub staff are trained in handling each case in an understanding and caring manner, without judgement. Our goal is to assist you in the preparation of your home from treatment to eliminate your bed bug problem. We also assist you with returning your home back to its comfortable living condition. 

"They gave us the confidence to move ahead. We found the crew to be very thorough. They did not suggest shortcuts, and were very patient with all our questions, making us feel comfortable and at ease in our time of need." (Client's name withheld to respect privacy)

 Briefly, our program is ran in three phases:

  • Phase 1: Assessment - determine if there is a bed bug infestation.
  • Phase 2: Clean up - prepare homes for spraying or heat treatment of bed bugs
  • Phase 3: Post treatment - educate tenants to understand the importance of maintaining precautionary measures

We serve a vast array of clients and we are not limited to the elderly, handicap, persons with special needs or large families.

"The Bug n' Scrub crew provided materials for use and explained how to use them. They provided manpower to get the job done. They provided direction and focus, along with a follow-up. This is an extremely valuable service to our community. I hope it continues." (Client's name withheld to respect privacy)