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Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation envisions a vibrant, healthy, sustainable community neighbourhood of empowered stakeholders, successful community projects and partnering organizations.

The Neighbourhood Power Smart Project

The BNRC has teamed up with Manitoba Hydro in an effort to help make the homes in your neighbourhood more energy efficient. The “Affordable Energy Program (AEP)” can upgrade the insulation in your home for FREE including the cost of materials and installation. Insulation may be added to:

  • The attic 
  • The basement
  • and/or wall cavities

attic basement wall

AEP can also replace a standard efficiency natural gas furnace with a new high efficiency natural gas furnace for only $570* (or $9.50/month for five years) – thousands less than it would normally cost. 

The income thresholds for the AEP program are as follows: 
Total Income Threshold 
Household Size  Total Income (before deductions) 
1 Person  $30,410
2 People  $37,858
3 People  $46,543
4 People  $56,508
5 People  $64,090
6 People  $72,283
7 or More Persons  $80,476

For those who are not eligible for AEP, Power Smart PAYS Financing allows you to make energy efficient upgrades without increasing your utility bill. Financing is based on estimated annual utility savings from the upgrade. 

For more information contact BNRC’s Energy Efficiency Coordinator Hope Switzer at: (204) 729-2492 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


*This offer subject to change at any time.