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The Apprenticeship Incentive Project is aimed at supporting and encouraging (SME’s) small and medium-sized trade enterprises (499 employees below) in Manitoba.

A $5,000 incentive is available to the employer to hire a first-year apprentice. An additional $5,000 is available for hiring an individual who voluntarily states they are from an equity-deserving group (women, Indigenous people, newcomers, persons with disabilities, visible minorities, and LGBTQ2+).

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After all the steps are completed, payment will be processed for the employer to receive their financial incentive. If you are not sure if you qualify or if you have any questions please contact us

Open to all Red Seal Trades in Manitoba!

SME’s/Employers are required to APPLY first before hiring or sending an apprentice application to Apprentice MB!

This is for employers looking to hire a 1st-year apprentice or have an employee you would like to enroll in the apprenticeship system.  Employers can hire a maximum of 2 apprentices and receive $10,000 to a maximum of $20,000 per fiscal year.

What are the Red Seal Trades?

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The employer signs a Sub-Agreement with BNRC. A new 1st year apprentice is hired and a copy of the registered apprenticeship training agreement between the apprentice and the employer has been submitted to BNRC and to Apprenticeship MB.

Yes –if the employee is not working with another organization at the time the SME employer hired them and they still qualify as a first-year Red Seal apprentice.

Wages, equipment, training for the apprentice, etc.

Yes – as long as it was after the start of the project and still in a Red Seal trade.
Yes – they still need to be a 1st year apprentice to qualify still.

Newcomers are participants who self-identify as having arrived in Canada within the last ten years and are legally entitled to work in Canada, including permanent residents, Canadian citizens or persons granted refugee status in Canada.

Self-identification is voluntary on the apprentice’s accord. Measures which will protect and respect the confidentiality of the new, first-year apprentices and their possible attestation must be in place.

Other trades in this project that are not recognized by Apprenticeship MB.... Glazier, Heavy Equipment Operator - including dozer/excavator/tractor/loader/backhoe, Drywall Finisher and Plasterer, Tilesetter, Powerline Technician, Ironworker - including Reinforcing/structural/ornamental, Metal Fabricator (Fitter).