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Reaching Home Covid Response Call for Proposals is now Open

Please carefully review Information Package prior to submitting application.  Proposals will be accepted during the April 2020 to March 2021 fiscal year until all funding is exhausted.




Reaching Home Program Full Directives:




COVID-19 Community Resources (subject to change)

Brandon Regional Health Centre
- 204-578 -4000
- Emergency services still open
- Care throughout facilities as normal
- No visiting hours
- For testing for COVID-19, call health links
- EMS operating as normal
- Walk-in still operating (social distancing)
- Screening happens at the door for any in-person appointments
Health Links
- 1-888-315-9257 to speak with a registered nurse
7thStreet Access Centre
- 204-578-4800
- 11-7
- Same service as normal
- Still open. In-person screening at the door
- No smoking cessation groups (can meet individually with pharmacist)
- Community Volunteer Income Tax Program on hold.
- Phone appoints available for most services
Elspeth Reid Family Resource Centre
- (204) 726-6280
- Closed to the public
- 204-727-5456
- Facility is closed
- Spring break day camp is cancelled, refunds will occur
The Counselling Centre
- Everything over the phone, (204) 726-8706
Child and Adolescent Treatment Centre
- Trying to limit everything to over the phone, best number to call is 204-578-2700 or 578-2727 if after hours
- If someone is in crisis, they can still come in, the doors are not shut
Centre for Adult Psychiatry/Centre for Geriatric (seniors) Psychiatry
- Deferring most patients unless they require acute care
- If in crisis, first call the crisis lines
o 1-888-379-7699 (Westman Crisis Services)
o 1-877-435-7170 (Manitoba Suicide Line)
o 1-855-242-3310 (First Nations and Inuit Hope for Wellness Help Line)
o 1-866-403-5459 (Under 18 crisis line)
o 1-855-222-6011 or 204-727-2555 (Crisis Stabilization Unit)
o 204-725-4411 (Mobile Crisis Services)
- Highly recommended making use of all community resources first (crisis lines, call family doctor, etc.)
Crisis Stabilization Unit
- 204-727-2555
- Everything is still operating as per usual
Westman Women’s Shelter
- Domestic Violence Crisis Line (1-877-977-007)
- Follow up/counselling done over the phone
- No groups are currently running
- Do not encourage them to come in person to the shelter, phone first and they will decide what the next steps taken should be
- 204-727-3644 (24/7)
CFS of Western MB
- 204-726-6030
- 8-4:30 open in office
- Providing essential services
- Designated intake, any emergency calls still come to them
- Phone is first and they will refer from there
Safe and Warm/Samaritan House- call later
- (204) 726-0758
- Food bank is still operating with modifications for social distancing
- Safe and Warm still operating with modifications
- Open 12-4pm for people needing an indoor space. Limited entry. 30 minutes at a time.
Employment and Income Assistance
- All applications done over the phone, number in the media shortly
Friendship Centre
- They are shut down but will be taking questions at their office
- Drop in is closed
- Staff will be on site if there is an emergency
- Call ahead to make an appointment, 204-727-1407
Uturn / Youth Housing First
- Continue providing services to youth in programming
- Accepting new intakes. https://wyfc.ca/programs/uturn/
- Limited office hours
- Drop-in (662-10th Thursdays) and Pizza & Bible (Mondays) providing food to go for youth
- 204.727.1251
Manitoba Metis Federation - 204-441-8575
- Housing First operating with modifications.
- No new move in’s
- Limited in-personal appointments
- MMF (outside of HF) closed doors to the public
Community Mental Health Services
- (204) 578-2400
- Same office hours
- Clinic still open
- All referrals are being done over the phone, will assess if an in-person appointment is necessary
Community Respite Services- call again later
- Still providing respite services for families in the area
- 204-727-4910
Michif Child, Family, and Community Services
- Child welfare services still available, call office 204-727-8540, 1-866-834-4242
- No programs running currently
Salvation Army
- Closed for the week (March 16-20) and will reassess next week
- (204) 727-6271
Helping Hands Soup Kitchen
- (204) 727-4635
- Take out only, 4 or 5 people are allowed in at a time
CHHA Emergency Shelter
- Office still open, door locked just have to knock
- All programs are still being offered
- Will update Facebook page if anything changes
- (204) 761-5040
Mary’s House
- Training center is closed to public
- Still staffed 8-4:30 - no in person
- Residential program has not changed
- Community client appointments are suspended
- Appointments over the phone still available (204-727-1268)
YWCA Meredith House
- Mandated to go into lock down- no clients in or out
- All groups are cancelled
- No new clients are being accepted at the moment
- 204-571-3680
Muslim Centre
- 204-721-0904
- Still operating as per usual
Westman Immigration- voice mail
- All programs and classes are cancelled
- Office remains open for the provision of critical settlement services only
- Call ahead, 204-727-6031
Bethel - voicemail
- 204-727-0639
- Youth is cancelled, Sunday morning cancelled
Central United
- 204-727-0577
- No services or programing
- Office is closed
- If an appointment is needed they will arrange it
- They will send updates to the facebook group as they get more information about how they will proceed
Knox United Church
- 204-727-6975
- Suspended everything at the moment
- Office will remain open, counselling offered over the phone
- Will send updates to facebook group
Brockie Donovan
Grief seminar cancelled, library still open
Brandon Clinic (Dennis St. and Victoria Ave.)
- Phone first 204-728-4440 and they will ask questions before approving you to come in person phone
- minimizing people coming in
- Still open same time, walk in may close early due to lack of traffic
- Walk in still available, only south doors by the parking lot are open
-Appointments are rebooked and done on the phone
_- Brandon clinic west is still open
Western Medical Clinic
- If you have flu like symptoms and have travelled recently, contact the ER or Health links instead
- Phone visit instead of in person visits, (204) 727-6451
Newmount Medical Clinic
- 204-726-0773
-Walk in is still open
- Still operating regular hours
- If you have symptoms of COVID-19- wear a mask, call health links
-Screening when you come in
- If you do NOT have symptoms of COVID-19, you can still go into the walk-in clinic and they will direct you after doing triage
Crisis Lines
- 1-800-668-6868 (kids help phone)
- 1-800-463-1554 (AFM Gambling Helpline)
- 1-888-292-7565 (Sexual Assault Crisis Line)
- 1-888-379-7699 (Westman Crisis Services)
- 1-877-435-7170 (Manitoba Suicide Line)
- 1-855-242-3310 (First Nations and Inuit Hope for Wellness Help Line)
- 1-866-403-5459 (Under 18 crisis line)
- 1-855-222-6011 or 204-727-2555 (Crisis Stabilization Unit)
- 204-725-4411 (Mobile Crisis Services)

Covid Testing: Health Links 1-888-315-9257

Community Mailbox: BNRC Offices are now closed and mail is being forwarded to Samaritan House for pick up, 820 Pacific Ave.

Aniexty Disorders Association Support  Line

The Anxiety Disorders Association of Manitoba (ADAM) has created a new support line for anyone who is experiencing distressing anxiety. Call 204-925-0040

COVID Federal Government Income Programs Info

Federal Government Support

Volunteeer Oportunities in Manitoba during Pandemic

This site contect helpers with those in need of help in Manitoba.  Site openned March 2020.


COVID Planning and Shelter Framework



EIA Support in Westman

Anyone requiring assistance from EIA can either email EIAWestman@gov.mb.ca or call the toll free number at 1-855-944-8111 between 7 am – 7 pm.

Mental Health Support (at a distance)



Samaritan House earns praise from PM

About Us

The BNRC is currently in a 5 year Agreement with the Government of Canada to deliver three streams of funding through the federal government's Homelessness Strategy called Reaching Home:

  • Brandon
  • Indigenous for rural Manitoba
  • Rural and Remote (excluding Brandon/Thompson)

Reaching Home is critical aspect of the Government's National Housing Strategy.  The ultimate goal of the Strategy is to reduce chronic homelessness nationally by 50% by fiscal year 2027 to 2028.

The BNRC is responsible for hosting Call for Proposals (CFPS) to solicit requests for investment to address homelessness.  When CFPs are open the applications will be available on this website.  Once proposals are received, a Board representing each of the three funding streams reviews the proposals and makes funding recommendations.  The BNRC then negotiates funding Agreements, undertakes risk assessments, and monitors each project's implementation to ensure compliance with Reaching Home goals.

Eligible Funding Activities

Both capital and staffing projects may be eligible for Reaching Home funding.   However, to be eligible, the project should not fulfill an activity that is the jurisdiction of the provincial government.   Examples of activities which may be eligible for Reaching Home investment include: transitional housing with supports for clients (maximum tenancy of three years), emergency housing, staffing to assist clients, and damage deposits. Examples of ineligible activities would be affordable housing and medical staff.

For a complete list of eligible activities for Reaching Home funding, please consult the directives.

Contact Us

Susan Spring, Coordinator for Brandon  

Blaine Foley, Coordinator for Rural & Remote Manitoba,
Aboriginal Rural Manitoba