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Brandon Neighbourhood Renewal Corporation envisions a vibrant, healthy, sustainable community neighbourhood of empowered stakeholders, successful community projects and partnering organizations.

Fresh Start Program

Fresh Start is a Specialized Cleaning company that offers the community clean up services for the toughest jobs, while providing casual low skilled employment opportunities to individuals with barriers to employment. We are ready to take on just about any job, but we are particularly skilled in bed bug preparation and remediation services. 

For more information about our cleaning services, or for employment opportunities, please contact Florence at 204 729 2492. 


Bug and Scrub (A Fresh Start Service)

Bug n' Scrub was implemented in 2012 to help stop the increase in bed bug infestations. 

Encountering a bed bug problem can be an overwhelming, embarrassing and stressful issue in a person's life. When hiring an exterminator, residents will be faced with a list of preparation tasks that must be complete for the spray to be successful. We can help with those tasks and make sure that you have the best chance for a succesful spray. 

How it works:

  • Phase 1: Assessment - Our supervisor will come into your home to determine if there is a bed bug infestation and the extent of the problem. She will work with you to determine what you can do on your own, and what we can help with. 
  • Phase 2: Clean up - Our team will prepare your home for spraying and where appropriate use our specialized heat treatment trailer to treat clothes, linens, and furniture ensuing they are bug free. 
  • Phase 3: Post treatment - Our team can help put your home back in order and ensure precautionary measures are in place to control any future infestations. 

Hoarding Clean - up

Our team works with families and community organizations to help sort, organize and clean up houses that are effected by hoarding. They work with clients to get connected to appropriate services and do what it takes to get a home in a safe condition for residents. 


Safe Passage Moving

Moving from one place to another can be stressful enough, but when bed bugs are involved it's even harder. Our team will not only treat your items using our specialized heat treatment trailer, but they will also help with the move in to your new bug free home. 


Estate Clean-ups

Sorting through a loved ones belongs after they have passed is emotional and can be overwhelming. Our team is trained to be compassionate and helpful when cleaning out a home for resale. 


Other Cleaning Services

The Fresh Start program is flexible and can help with almost any job that requires labourers. Our focus is getting people working and to do that we need work. If you have a job that you could use help with, call Flo! She will find a way to give you the Fresh Start you are looking for!