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BNRC Construction (formerly Brandon Energy Efficiency Program (BEEP)), is a social enterprise construction program that trains individuals who have barriers to employment while serving community construction needs. BNRC crews are led by red seal carpenters and consist of trainees ranging from limited experience to apprentice level carpenters. Under the supervision of our foremen, trainees are taught excellence in craftsmanship and produce quality, energy efficient builds and renovations.

These skilled workers are responsible for hundreds of renovations and builds in our community including our own 440 Rosser office building. Below is a description of some of the work we have done.

Manitoba Housing

BNRC has worked with Manitoba Housing for many years to update and renovate their existing units in Brandon. Projects included exterior retrofits, interior renovations landscaping and energy efficiency upgrades.

Community Health and Housing Association (CHHA)

BNRC Construction is responsible for building and renovating several of CHHA's properties. We built the new Joshua Jack's Treatment Centre and renovated the basement of 1202 Rosser for the opening of their Sober Bar - Club 1202. CHHA’s STEPP (Solutions To End Poverty Permanently) program housing units were built by us. These quality energy efficient homes were built from the ground up so CHHA could sell them at reduced costs to first time, low income homeowners. BNRC also built new 5-plex and 4-plex affordable housing units for CHHA and have completed numerous renovations to their various properties. CHHA and BNRC continue to look for opportunities to build new homes or renovate existing buildings in Brandon to add to our affordable housing stock.

Other Projects

BNRC has completed several other projects in Brandon and nearby communities.  We completed playground upgrades for a couple of daycares, housing repairs for DOTC Housing authority, numerous energy upgrades for those who qualified for funding under the Manitoba Hydro AEP program and have assisted our colleagues with many other smaller projects.

Impact on People in Our Community

"I have gained lots of experience since I started here at BNRC. I am going to school for my GED, and working towards my apprenticeship in carpentry." - Harry Blacksmith, BNRC Construction Tier II employee

"BNRC knew I had trouble with the law, but hired me anyway to keep me out of trouble earning a wage, learning lots about a trade I enjoy. BNRC helped me find an affordable place to live, and I like how my future looks.” - Matthew Elk, BNRC Construction trainee

For more information on how to hire our crews, or for employment information, please contact us at or 204 729 2490.