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Fresh Start is a social enterprise that provides casual employment to individuals with barriers to employment.

Under the guidance of our experienced coordinator, we get people working by taking on cleaning and labour jobs for homeowners, tenants and landlords.

Our highly successful Bed Bug treatment preparation is the core of this program.  We work with the client to ensure that all preparations for exterminators is ready to go before they come in.  We also work closely with the exterminators to ensure a coordinated and successful service.

We also offer other services such as:

Service Treatment
Heat Treatment Trailer Reduces labour that is required to remove pests and can effectively treat small and large items with extended heat.
Safe Passage Safe passage service is there to move your belongings to your new home. This service uses the heat trailer to treat and move your belongings, which gives you the peace of mind knowing that your prized possessions are bug free.
Decluttering Fresh Start currently assists with decluttering homes that are indicative of hoarding behaviours.
Estate Cleaning Fresh start assists with estate cleaning, which lessens the stress for family members.
Junk Removal Fresh start also removes junk from your backyard as well as hazardous waste, such as batteries, paint cans and light bulbs
Communicable Disease If someone in a family is suffering from a communicable disease that requires extensive household cleaning and preparation, then Fresh Start is able to do this in a respectful and caring manner.