Brandon Welcomes You

Guide to information, resources, and services you need to successfully integrate in Brandon.

Arriving in Brandon

Welcome to Brandon!

Thank you for choosing Brandon as your home here in Canada.

Moving to a new city can be overwhelming. The IRCC video, Your First Two Weeks in Canada shows some tips and information on how to make the transition easier. It’s available in English, Arabic, Armenian, Creole, and Farsi.

Below is a list of important things a newcomer needs to do during your first few weeks in Brandon:

• Contact an immigrant-serving agency: WIS (

Find accommodation click on Housing and Accommodation (house icon) to get more information.

• Apply for a Social Insurance Number (SIN).

A person must have a SIN to work in Canada. Visit the Brandon Service Canada Centre

• Set up utilities.

Some utilities are included in a rental agreement, so check with a landlord first.

  • Apply for Manitoba Health for your health insurance.

A person must register for Manitoba Health within three months of arriving in Brandon. The plan covers basic health care services. You can apply online Registration Form | Manitoba Health, Seniors and Long-Term Care | Province of Manitoba ( or contact them Contact Us | Health | Province of Manitoba ( for more information.

  • Obtain home or renters’ insurance.

This insurance provides coverage for personal belongings in a person’s home. Speak with an Insurance Broker to discuss individual options.

There are other insurance offices in Brandon, you can check by doing a Google search. The ones above are some of the known insurance companies, you can also go to the nearest Autopac dealers as they carry a range of insurance.

  • Apply for a Manitoba Driver’s License or Manitoba Identification Card.

Check the section on Transportation: Moving Around (car icon) for more information.

  • Apply for a Canadian bank account.

Click the Finance section (building icon) for more information.

When you go to the bank, make sure you already have a Canadian phone number.

Bring the following documents:

    • A valid and eligible passport
    • Canadian permanent resident card or your Confirmation of Permanent Residence
    • Social Insurance Number

Moving Around Brandon

Finances, Taxes, and Support

Preschool Age Information

According to the Child Care Guide of the Government of Manitoba, children’s early experiences deeply impact their brain growth and development. Quality early learning and child care support children to learn and succeed later in life.

Learn more about licensed and unlicensed child care in Manitoba through the link: Province of Manitoba | education – Child Care (

Brandon has many daytime options for childcare facilities, licensed and unlicensed in-home childcare.

The childcare search tool can be accessed at Province of Manitoba | education – Child Care ( The site also features a childcare cost and subsidy estimator; people can apply for a subsidy online.

The Government of Manitoba has the Child Care Subsidy Program which provides eligible families help with the cost of care by reducing childcare fees for children from the ages of 12 weeks to 12 years.

Your eligibility depends on various factors including:

  • Income
  • The number and age of your children
  • The number of days required for care
  • The reason for care

To learn more about your eligibility visit:

Province of Manitoba | education – Child Care (

Use the Subsidy Eligibility Estimator to check your subsidy estimator.

The Government of Manitoba also has the $10 a day Child Care, to learn more about this program click on the link Province of Manitoba | education – Child Care ( (please post the FAQ chromeextension://efaidnbmnnnibpcajpcglclefindmkaj/


Most government-supported childcare facilities are usually full and there is a waiting list. There are  private childcare facilities or home daycare operators you can reach out to check for available spots.

Regarding the cost for childcare, if the facility is supported by the government there is a chance that they offer the $10 a day, as mentioned these facilities are usually full and has a long waiting list. Most private childcare/daycare cost around $35 – $45, some offers snacks with the cost.

New Preschool School in Brandon

Montessori Smiles – Montessori School: Montessori School | Brandon, MB | Montessori Smile

Elementary School and Secondary School: 6-18 Years Old

The Brandon School Division manages the schools in Brandon. The Division operates a neighborhood school concept whereby students in elementary school attend the school according to their catchment area.

For the middle school level, school catchment areas have been established to ensure reasonable class sizes while protecting the right of students to attend schools built to serve their neighborhoods.

The high schools operate on an open boundaries concept and you can check with the Division Office for course and space availability at the Division high schools. If a student wants a special program, i.e. vocational or French Immersion, catchment areas do not apply and they will enroll in the appropriate school.

In Manitoba, “School of Choice” legislation also exists whereby you can apply to have your children attend a school outside your designated catchment area.

For young children in kindergarten age, enrolling them in school is not mandatory, but once they reach 7 years old, it becomes mandatory for them to be in school.

If you are thinking of doing a pre-registration, you need an address here in Brandon and most schools want to have a personal assessment of the child being enrolled. However, if one of the parents already resides in Brandon, they can do a pre-registration with details on when their child/children arrive in Brandon.

Here is the information you need to register your kids for a K-12 school in Brandon:

Westman Immigrant Services’ Settlement Workers in Schools Program

It is a school-based settlement service that provides direct and immediate assistance to newcomers and their families.

To learn more about this service, check this link Youth + Teen Programs – WIS ( or contact 204-727-6031 and press 0 to schedule an appointment with a Settlement Facilitator.

Post-secondary institutions in Brandon

If you or your child/children are thinking of pursuing an educational upgrade, college or university education. Brandon has a college, university, and other learning institutions that can help you with this goal.


    • Brandon University

    Founded in 1899, Brandon University is considered a small-sized university with just over 3,200 student attending each year. 70% of our classes have 20 students or fewer. This size helps with the professor student ratio to ensure students are supported through out their studies.

  • Brandon University Location:  With the cozy feel of a small town, Brandon is actually the second largest city in Manitoba with 58,000 residing in the metro area.

  • Big City Amenities:  Brandon plays host to a variety of events year round such as the Brandon Wheat Kings hockey, Brandon Jazz Festival, and Royal Manitoba Winter Fair, just to name a few. Get active at the Riverbank Discovery Centre or take the short drive to Riding Mountain National Park.

For more information, please visit:


  • Assiniboine Community College

Learn By Actually Doing.

At Assiniboine, we immerse you in authentic situations and encourage you to spend more time away from the textbooks. Our college knows real-world skills and experiences are important. That’s why our programs connect you with industries and communities through projects, conferences, cooperative work placements and practicums. All of this prepares you for a meaningful and interesting career.

Be Part of a Community.

Yes, we have small class sizes. Yes, your instructor knows your name. Yes, you can get to your classes in under five minutes and still have time for a refuel of caffeine. But more importantly, you’ll make friendships that last a lifetime, learn from industry experts who can’t wait to share everything they know with you, and study in an intimate setting that gives you the right tools for future success.

Learn what’s the right program for you at

Other colleges across Manitoba

Faith-Based Colleges

  • Manitoba Emergency Services College

Manitoba Emergency Services is an educational institution unique to Brandon. The Emergency Services College is committed to providing superior emergency response training programs that meet the needs of emergency services and industry. The College offers a full-time program for persons interested in a career in the Emergency Services field. The classroom maintains a full complement every year and provides continuing education to over 2600 students per year.

To learn more visit: Office of the Fire Commissioner | Manitoba Emergency Services College | FireMedic Training | Firefighting and Paramedic Training | Public Fire Paramedic Program (

Adult Education

Center for Adult Learning & Programming: Adult Learning and Upgrading | Assiniboine College

Brandon Friendship Centre Adult Upgrading: Adult Upgrading (

English Language Classes:
Assiniboine Community College – English as a Second Language | Assiniboine College
Westman Immigrant Services: Learn English – WIS (